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Optimize your website to be search-engine friendly. Submit it to various search engines and directories. In addition to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and MSN, it”s worth submitting to lesser known web directories. If your website is listed in as many places as possible, it can boost your rankings in major search engines as well.

Create a links page that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry. Contact the owners of other websites with your proposal to exchange links. You will add their link to your links page, and they will link to your website in return Aufblasbares für Sport.

Post in forums. Visit the online discussion forums where people in your target market like to gather. Post useful responses to people”s questions, and include a link to your website at the end of your post next to your name. Although you ultimately want to get your sig file with the link to your site seen as often as possible, don”t overdo it with your posts, otherwise other forumites won”t respect you, and therefore won”t visit your site.

Comment on blogs. Visit other people”s blogs on the topic related to your website. Most blogs allow you to add comments about the issues being discussed. Add insightful comments about the blog topics, and leave your website link. Your comment and your link will permanently remain on the blog website.

Create an e-mail “signature” – your name, your website address and a short tag-line describing the main benefit of your site. Set your e-mail program to automatically add your signature to every e-mail that you send.

Create something of value that people will pass around. It can be a report with useful information that you allow people to give away. It can also be some kind of cool and unusual web-page that people will want to e-mail to all their friends. Of course, the pass-around item will include your advertisement and your link, spreading the word about your website. This is a “viral” strategy.

Start your own online discussion community. It could be an online message board, e-mail discussion list or chat room. When people get involved in your community, they will regularly return to communicate with others.

Advertise your site at free classified ad sites. There are many of these on the net. Some of the more popular ones are craigslist, inetgiant, freeadvertisingforum, and gumtree.

Constantly update content on your web-page, so having a news section is a great deal for search engines especially.

Update your Facebook status to let your friends know everytime you update your blog and create a Facebook fan page. Your friend”s friends will see when they join the fan page or comment on your status.

Whatever types of free advertising you decide to pursue, make sure that you use ad tracking software. This will allow you to track where your visitors are coming from, and what types of advertising are the most effective. Steer clear of any advertising tactics that could be construed as spam. Banzai Water Slide Clearance Good luck!

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